Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line- Green Camo

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New Camouflage Green and Blue line is now available!
Reaction Tackle new camouflage braided fishing line was designed to blend in the environment, prepare to catch more fish!

• Reaction Tackle is located in Wisconsin. Everything is shipped from warehouses located in the USA.
• Green Camouflage color was designed to hide your fishing line when fishing around vegetation and or murky waters
• Blue Camouflage color was designed to hide your fishing line when fishing blue or clear waters, works great in Oceans or other large bodies of water
• No need to overpay for brand name fishing line! Reaction Tackle high quality fishing braid is just as good as, if not better than, the most popular brands.
• Reaction Tackle 4 strand braided fishing line is made from UHMWPE, the world’s strongest fiber.
• Reaction Tackle braided line is coated for extra durability and flies through fishing guides to provide extra long casting distance.
• Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, give our products a chance. If you are not completely satisfied feel free to contact us and we will do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.

• High Quality UHMWPE
• Zero stretch, high sensitivity, high abrasion resistance
• Round and smooth, extra long casting, small diameter, extra strong
• Color lock technology, color lasts long and resists bleeding

4 Strand sizes (diameter):
10 lb (.14mm)
15 lb (.18mm)
20 lb (.20mm)
25 lb (.25mm)
30 lb (.28mm)
40 lb (.32mm)
50 lb (.36mm)
65 lb (.42mm)
80 lb (.48mm)
100 lb (.55mm)

8 Strand sizes (diameter) available in select colors:
120 lb (.60mm)
150 lb (.70mm)
200 lb (.80mm)
250 lb (1.00mm)
300 lb (1.20mm)

Available lengths:
150 yards
300 yards
500 yards
1000 yards
1500 yards

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