Reaction Tackle Tungsten Mushroom Head Ned Rig Shroom Jig Heads (5-Pack)

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REACTION TACKLE HIGH QUALITY TUNGSTEN MUSHROOM JIG HEADS (5-PACK) Shroom Jig fishing is one of the best fishing techniques, especially for bass, try out Reaction Tackle shroom jig heads BENEFITS: 5- Jig heads per pack High quality chip resistant paint Environmentally safe Lead-free weights are 97% tungsten Tungsten is heavier and approximately 50% smaller than lead which means they work better in heavy cover/weeds and will have fewer hang ups Added sensitivity helps you detect even the most subtle bites that would of otherwise been missed with traditional lead weights AVAILABLE COLORS: Black Green Pumpkin AVAILABLE SIZES: 1/15 oz (#1 hook) 1/10 oz (#1 hook) 1/6 oz (3/0 hook) 1/5 oz (3/0 hook)
  • NEW Reaction Tackle high quality TUNGSTEN mushroom jig heads (5-PACK)
  • Available with black or green pumpkin color in 1/15, 1/10, 1/6 and 1/5 sizes
  • Mushroom Jigs also know as Midwest finesse rig or ned rig stand up on the bottom and will trigger more strikes
  • Tungsten weight is much smaller and denser than lead causing fewer hang ups, you will also feel the most subtle bites that might have been missed otherwise
  • “Shroom Jig” fishing is one of the best techniques for catching more fish especially bass

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