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Reaction Tackle
Braided Fishing Line

Experience the excellence of Reaction Tackle's premium braided fishing line, designed for anglers seeking unmatched reliability and performance. Elevate your fishing game with our superior line, tailored for those who demand the best from their gear.

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Braided Line We Offer

4 Strand: Precision Casting  Ultra Durable  Flexible & Strong
8 Strand: Smooth & Silent  Enhanced Knot Strength  Long-Range Casting
9 Strand: Supremely Smooth  Versatile Performance  Ultra-Responsive
Hollow Core: Maximum Strength  Hollow Core Advantage  Top-Tier Durability
Lead Core: Deep Water Accuracy  Fast Sinking  High Density Core
Ice Braid: Retains Flexibility in Cold  High Abrasion Resistance  Designed for Ice Fishing
18 Color Options

4 Strand Braided Line

Experience unmatched reliability with our versatile 4-strand braided line, ideal for all fishing levels. Prices start at $9.99 with test weights up to 100lbs.

Key Features:

- Superior handling and thinner diameter for better water slicing

- Perfect for varied fishing environments

- Exceptional strength with minimal stretch

- Enhanced sensitivity for better strike detection

- Resistant to abrasion for longer-lasting use

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8 Strand Braided Line

Achieve greater casting distances and smoother retrievals with our advanced 8-strand braided line. Prices start at $12.99 with test weights up to 300lbs.

Key Features:

- Enhanced smoothness for better casting

- Ideal for big game fishing

- Quiet water entry to maintain stealth

- Stronger knot strength for secure hooking

- UV resistance to maintain integrity under sun exposure

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Superior Castability
 Enhanced Coating Technology

Specialty Braided Line

Each of our specialty lines is meticulously crafted to offer unique advantages, ensuring targeted applications and unmatched performance for all your specialized fishing needs. Prices ranging from $19.99 and up, test weights vary.

Key Features:

- 9 strand line: Offers a balanced mix of thinness and durability for versatile fishing conditions

- Hollow core (16 strand): Woven from UWHMP to ensure unmatched strength, durability, and reliability

- Ice braid (8 strand): Engineered to perform optimally in freezing conditions without losing flexibility

- Lead core trolling line: Ensures precise depth control with a high-density lead core, perfect for deep-water fishing

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A Few Happy Anglers

My son has been using the blue camo for 4mths and there has been no color fade. It comes off the spool more smoothly than other brands. It can handle finish heavier than the weight of the line. The colors are amazing!
I like how strong the Reaction Tackle hollow core line is. The 65lb is thick almost feels like 100lb. The price point is awesome was able to spool up two reels with 500 yards each. Line is easy to see at night.
Recently switched from mono to this 30lb braid for both saltwater fishing and bass fishing with baitcasters. Despite several snags and learning curves with a baitcaster, this braid has proven exceptionally durable. It's now my go-to braid.
Made the braid switch this year and boy have I been pleased. Wrestled this girl out of thick flooded cedar bean trees for the big bass win on lake limestone.
Man I have been a power pro user for years and I now have switched. I am in Florida and fish salt and fresh water. I now have all my reels spooled with this line. My girlfriend landed 4 miniature bull sharks from a seawall using pink 15lb test. I will continue to to buy this for all of my gear.
I’ve been using it on my freshwater rod for pickerel fishing and bass, I tie a 20lb leader to it. And it matches my rod perfectly.
I’m from Bolivia, reaction braided line is the best for this monster fish in the Amazon!
Super fast shipping. Awesome products. The Braided line is by far more superior than most brands. Hands down the best out there.
After a season with this line I couldnt see much fade at all, the color was still bright and still just as strong, I love the blue, it blends with the offshore water well. Compared to other braid companies this braid lasted longer and faded less, diameter and strength match to other line manufacturers that are twice the cost.

Reaction Tackle in Action

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