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100 lb. Braid

Quick shipping, great customer service, great line! I've been using reaction braid almost exclusively for the last couple years and it works great, price is great, customer service is great- Thank you!

Carpet graphic

The carpet sticker looks great, it is good quality and it came quickly.

Great braid

Great braid and a fraction on the cost
It's all I run on my boat.

Great backpack fishing bag

Great product. Love the design and layout.

Excellent product!!

Reliable and excellent product. As an angler quality and durability is the most important thing and this one is the best! Salute!!

The best braid and fluorocarbon

I’ve been using Reaction Tackle braid and fluorocarbon for about 3 years now on all my gear. Both products are consistentl with their breaking strength and coloring. I am very happy with the quality and the prices are excellent.


Perfect for storing pre-rigged walleye jigs.!

I buy 3 20lbs and i only received 2. I wait

I write to reaction tackle i wait.

100 lb black

Alot thicker then power pro, tried to get the normal 600 yd on my tuna rig but only got about 400yds on it wasn't expecting it to be that much thicker. Did it really tight had a pro shop spool the reel.

True to what you see

I was skeptical that this might turn out cheap. But looks good comparable to what is shown. Honest product i must say.

The best fluorocarbon out there.

I have been using the 50# Fluro for a while and Reaction tackle is the best I’ve used. It’s excellent for tying to jigs and braid.

Another great product

All I can say is the greenpumkin never chip is true
Absolutely another great product definitely will be getting some more in different sizes
I'm currently using the 3/8 oz

Tungston Bullet Weights

These weight work as they should. Paint and finish is very durable.


AMAZING PRODUCT!!!! Used the 3/8 weight for flipping/pitching mats and it works just how i want it to.The paint on the weight doesnt chip. The weight overall is STRONG, COMPACT ,HEAVY AND GREAT COLORATION!!! Do recommend!!


 Muy útil para los cebos de plástico y caben perfectamente en la mochila táctica, tiene gran capacidad a simple vista no parece pero te sorprenderas.

Honest review after 7 months use! -updated!

See below for update:I bought this bag about 7 months ago and have used it a lot. The bag itself is constructed very well thick nylon and sturdy zipper the failure is in the rings and eyelets. They are a complete rust ball. I have used multiple manufacturers of these style bags and they all seem to go cheap here. If these were actually a high grade stainless or even plastic I'd give this bag a 5 star rating. I am a saltwater fisherman but seriously it shouldn't matter just use quality components and things last. I wont purchase again and cant reccomend it to anyone till the metal rings are upgraded.Ok so they’ve upgraded the rings they are now powder coated and seem to me much higher quality. The company reached out to me and sent a replacement and i must say I’m impressed. Now i haven't tortured the new bag to the same extent but the fact that they too the initiative to correct the issues when given criticism and replaced the product makes this company stand out as a good place to do business. I wouldn’t hesitate to order another one now!

Great for fly tying material

Great for fly tying material for home or travel. I was looking for a way to organize my fly tying materials and there are some very expensive items on the market, but this does the trick. I’m new to fly tying and don’t have room in my house for a tying desk. I can fit all of what is needed in it. I did have to cut my long feathers in half to fit. I also purchased extra sleeves and can remove/add the ones I need depending on season. It’s very convenient.

I really like this product and debating on getting one for my father for Christmas.

I am just finished packing my bag and I haven't experienced any dislikes yet. I would recommend a four slot sleeve. I know you have two slots but an option with four would be great option.What i like best about it I have everything together and organized can be easily transported. I can easily change out sleeves for baits or tackle I might not be using.

De très grande qualité

 Très beau produit de qualité je suis très satisfait, j ai également commandé les pochette supplémentaires et je ne le regrette pas du tout je vous le recommande si comme moi vous êtes tanné de vous perdre dans vos leurre souple 😊

65 lb. Reaction Tackle braid

The only brand I use for surf fishing.

Preformed better than expected

I purchased Reaction Tackle Braided line based on the price compared to the more established braided lines out there. I went over the reviews and decided to switch out the lines on 3 reels in preparation for a fishing vacation I was going on. I purchased 20# and 25# in green and yellow loaded up my reels. We fished the chesapeake bay for 10 days and the line preformed perfectly. The area we fished was very rocky and littered with huge chunks of cement and boulders. I had a 6' mono leader attached directly to the braid all failures were on the mono, I had zero breakage on the braid. The braid handled the abrasive rocks and transmitted the slightest bites and hook sets were great with the circle hooks being used. I have already recommended the lines to my fishing buddies and recommended them to anyone reading this review. The only change to the braid was loss of some color on the line that was constantly in and out of the water which also happens with the name brands. All in all I will begin to switch all reels over to Reaction Tackle Braided line for both Fresh and Saltwater setups.

Great braid. I will be buying more.

This hi vis braided line is great. It cast well in a baitcaster and a spinning reel. It doesn’t get frayed or snagged easy. It will catch you more fish because you can see exactly where your line is going when you’re fishing deep and the fish doesn’t pull straight down on the line. I used to wonder why people used hi vis braid, now I totally understand.

Stop wasting money and get the best!!

I recently tried a spool of 15 and 30lb in the aqua camo and I couldn't be happier, quality braid with a great color and very durable. I will say it's a tad stiff off the reel but once spooled it feels great! I love that they now have no fade color options and will be trying the black ASAP!!! I'm now exclusive to Reaction Tackle Braid and hooks, with plans to jump over to more of the reaction line!!!

Works amazing!

I love the color of this line! It also fishes quite well!I’d say it is comparable to the original 4 carrier power pro. I don’t know how it would hold up in salt water, but the 30lb works great for bass fishing in the rivers and places I fish. Zero issues. Would highly recommend instead of paying 3-4x as much for the name PowerPro.

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