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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Medium Bait Binder

Reaction Tackle Medium Bait Binder

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Reaction Tackle Fishing Tackle Organizer | Keep Soft Plastic Baits and Tackle Organized | Removable Storage Pockets | 

  • MEDIUM BINDER INCLUDES: Five Large and ten small clear plastic sleeves that are detachable along with one zipper pouch that measures 10"x7"x1.5"
  • ORGANIZED TACKLE: Store up to five large bags of plastic worms and ten additional small items, ensuring quick access to the perfect bait for various species like bass, musky, walleye, and more
  • COMPACT AND MEDIUM-SIZED DESIGN: Ample storage space while remaining easily portable
  • CLEAR PLASTIC SLEEVES FOR EASY VISIBILITY: Allows quick identification of lures without removing them;  Additionally, the detachable sleeves offer utmost convenience for quick access and customization
  • RELIABLE VELCRO CLOSURE: Your baits stay secure with our Deluxe Binder Extra Sleeves' dependable Velcro closure, preventing spills and gear loss for worry-free storage

Introducing the Reaction Tackle Medium Bait Binder, the ultimate storage solution for avid anglers. Crafted with high-quality materials, this compact and portable binder keeps your fishing lures protected and easily accessible. Its sturdy construction and reinforced edges ensure long-lasting durability, keeping your lures in top condition. With ample storage space, it comfortably holds a variety of lure sizes and types, eliminating tangles and disorganization. The clear plastic sleeves are detachable, provide easy visibility and quick identification, securely holding your baits in place during transport. The convenient Velcro closure guarantees secure storage for your valuable baits. Get organized and keep your lures ready for action with the Reaction Tackle Medium Bait Binder.

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Customer Reviews

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Jefferson Lehman
Bait Binders

Exactly what I was looking for to use when fishing from the bank, will be able to grab a couple different color baits, store them in these bags and see what works best for the day! Thanks!!

Paul S.
So far so good

I like the size decent material I will know more after my fishing trip

Finally.... a good binder for spinnerbaits, chatterbaits.

Store all my baits in storage boxes and cabinets. When I prepare to go out fishing, I add 2 spinnerbaits per pouch ...some trailer hooks and trailers in the spare pouch inside and toss it in my pack back or boat. Love this small binder.

Small. Fills up fast.

Good for a quick outing, but doesn't hold much.

C. Smith
Useful if you arent going to use it a ton

For as much as it cost its nice to have on the boat. I am using it to store Owen Lupton Rigs (6" leader with 3 oz weights and 10/0 hooks). I don't use these year round so the fact that one of the sleeves was already halfway unstitched from the booklet itself isn't a huge deal. I cant recommend this if your using it for worms or something you will be going in and out of every time you go fishing. But for some miscellaneous items and occasional access it will be great considering its unique size.

Bank fishing game changer

This is excellent for plastic baits while bank fishing. I carry my plastics ready to go with this handy tackle bag.