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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football/Swing Jig Heads- 3-Pack for Bass Fishing

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football/Swing Jig Heads- 3-Pack for Bass Fishing

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football Swing Jig Heads- 3 Pack for Bass Fishing- Swinging Action Bait- Versatile Jig- Freshwater Tackle- Mimics Crawfish

  • TUNGSTEN FOOTBALL SWING JIG: Experience the best of both worlds combining the benefits of a football jig and the action of a swinging hook. 97% Tungsten
  • ENHANCED TRAILER ACTION: Elevate your bait's allure with the integrated swinging hook. This innovation imparts lifelike movements to your trailer, mimicking prey and easily drawing in predatory fish
  • BAIT COMPATIBILITY: Accommodate a wide range of plastic baits. Our jig heads allow you to pair it with almost any plastic bait, enabling you to adapt to changing fishing conditions and preferences
  • TUNGSTEN ADVANTAGE: Crafted from high-quality tungsten, our Football Swing Jig Heads offer improved sensitivity, increased hook-setting efficiency, and an eco-friendly choice in your tackle arsenal
  • Bottom Bouncing: Navigate underwater terrains effortlessly. The football-shaped head ensures a crawfish-like bounce, while the swinging hook adds an enticing twist, perfect lure for structure-rich waters

Reaction Tackle's football swing jig head is designed to imitate the movement of a crawfish while adding an alluring swinging action. This combination of natural movement and enhanced action makes it an effective lure for enticing bass and other predator fish. It's especially effective when targeting fish that are holding close to the bottom or in areas with rocky or structured terrain.

Green Pumpkin

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