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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Swing/ Swimbait Jig Heads (2 Pack)

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Swing/ Swimbait Jig Heads (2 Pack)

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Tungsten Swing/Swimbait Jointed Jig Head/ Perfect for Bass Fishing and Other Species/ Use in Freshwater or Saltwater

  • SWING SWIMBAIT JIG HEAD: Our Tungsten Swing/Swimbait Jig Heads boast superior durability, crafted from resilient tungsten construction, withstanding tough fishing conditions without chipping or breaking
  • TUNGSTEN: Experience the heightened sensitivity of tungsten; This material provides anglers with the ability to detect even the subtlest bites and underwater terrain changes, leading to more catches
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Its innovative design emulates the natural swimming action of baitfish, a versatile choice for enticing a wide range of predatory fish species including bass, pike, and more
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: This Tungsten Jig Head is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, contributing to sustainable fishing practices and minimizing the negative impact on the environment
  • SEAMLESS BAIT ATTACHMENT: Effortlessly attach soft plastic swimbaits or paddle-tail baits onto the jointed jig head, enabling a lifelike swimming action that irresistibly lures in the fish

Introducing the Reaction Tackle High-Quality Tungsten Swing/Swimbait Jointed Jig Head, your ultimate weapon for conquering the waters! Crafted with precision and expertise, this innovative jig head is built from top-grade tungsten, ensuring maximum sensitivity and incredibly lifelike swim action. Designed to provide exceptional versatility, it effortlessly swings and swims through the water, enticing even the most elusive fish to strike. Its jointed body allows for natural movements that mirror real prey, further increasing your chances of landing the trophy catch. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a passionate novice, this jig head is the game-changer you've been waiting for, delivering unparalleled performance and durability for countless fishing adventures.

Sexy Shad
Hot Shad
Blue Gizzard

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3/8 oz
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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Nicole Strosaker
Love it so far with ONE caveat

I caught my PB Calico bass (4.5# 21”) and many smaller bass using this on a 5” Zman minnow for the first time over the weekend! I like that this is tungsten, low profile, and provides a weedless presentation. I was disappointed that the aforementioned bass bent my hook…he was big, but not THAT big! It’s the first time a hook this size has bent on me...maybe bad luck, but I’m weary to use this on bigger targets.

Scott S.
Nice produce

These are really nice jigheads, I especially like the articulated hook. Easy to select from several types of soft plastic and easy to rig weedless. Nice weight to throw into the pads without getting hung. Quick shipping.

Good Jig Heads - Buying more today

I've been using the Z-Man Texas Eye for quite a while. While they are weedless the heads catch on weeds, rocks, you name it. These are a much better jig head. The shape of the head is the key. These don't get hung up on everything. Plus, they are less expensive so it doesn't hurt as bad to lose one. These are easier to rig, and my plastic lures stay on very well. I ordered 1 pack to try them out. They are definitely a good value, I am ordering some more today.The one con is that the eyelet on one of them was clogged, I assume with paint. I had a smaller hook handy, so I used its tip to hollow out the eyelet. It worked fine after that. I put 30lb mono through it just fine. Not a big issue, but something to be aware of before you get out on the water.

Kalder Morgan
Good quality hook and jig head looks great!

Product has been fantastic. Great movement, paint has been quality and price was decent. Will most likely buy again!

Kayla kerns

Great product!

Danny P.
If you’re looking for a swim bait head this is the best I’ve found

The best part if this swim bait head is that it swings adds more action that means more vibration it works for me