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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle X8 Braided Fishing Line- Moss Green 8 Strand

Reaction Tackle X8 Braided Fishing Line- Moss Green 8 Strand

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Reaction Tackle Pro Grade Braided Fishing Line- 8 Strands- Zero Stretch- Abrasion Resistant- Small Diameter- Saltwater and Freshwater- Smooth Long Cast
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY AND ZERO STRETCH: Enables anglers to detect even the slightest bites or movements, facilitating quicker hooksets and maximizing their chances of landing elusive or finicky fish
  • SMALL DIAMETER ADVANTAGE: Despite its small diameter, the line maintains impressive strength and performance, allowing for longer, smoother casts when targeting wary fish in all waters
  • UNRIVALED KNOT STRENGTH: Our X8 construction ensures exceptional knot strength, providing anglers with reliable connections between their tackle and the line. We suggest Palomar knots
  • LOW MEMORY DESIGN: With minimal memory, the line lays smoothly on reels and guides, reducing tangles and allowing for more efficient and hassle-free casting and retrieval
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE: The robust material composition offers excellent resistance to abrasion, making it perfect for navigating through rocky structures and underwater obstacles without worry.

Experience the ultimate angling advantage with our 8-strand braided fishing line. Exceptional strength, low memory, abrasion resistance, and high sensitivity with zero stretch ensure a superior performance.

Sizes (diameter):
10 lb (.14mm)
15 lb (.18mm)
20 lb (.20mm)
25 lb (.25mm)
30 lb (.28mm)
40 lb (.32mm)
50 lb (.36mm)
65 lb (.42mm)
80 lb (.48mm)
100 lb (.55mm)
120 lb (.60mm)
150 lb (.70mm)
200 lb (.80mm)
300 lb (1.20mm)

Available lengths:
150 yards
300 yards
500 yards
1000 yards
1500 yards

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1084 reviews
Rob Augustyn
Great braid

Great braid and a fraction on the cost
It's all I run on my boat.

Dick Jonathan Barol
Excellent product!!

Reliable and excellent product. As an angler quality and durability is the most important thing and this one is the best! Salute!!

Jordan Schleider
The best braid and fluorocarbon

I’ve been using Reaction Tackle braid and fluorocarbon for about 3 years now on all my gear. Both products are consistentl with their breaking strength and coloring. I am very happy with the quality and the prices are excellent.

100 lb black

Alot thicker then power pro, tried to get the normal 600 yd on my tuna rig but only got about 400yds on it wasn't expecting it to be that much thicker. Did it really tight had a pro shop spool the reel.

Cal Morgan
65 lb. Reaction Tackle braid

The only brand I use for surf fishing.

Charles J Nugent
Preformed better than expected

I purchased Reaction Tackle Braided line based on the price compared to the more established braided lines out there. I went over the reviews and decided to switch out the lines on 3 reels in preparation for a fishing vacation I was going on. I purchased 20# and 25# in green and yellow loaded up my reels. We fished the chesapeake bay for 10 days and the line preformed perfectly. The area we fished was very rocky and littered with huge chunks of cement and boulders. I had a 6' mono leader attached directly to the braid all failures were on the mono, I had zero breakage on the braid. The braid handled the abrasive rocks and transmitted the slightest bites and hook sets were great with the circle hooks being used. I have already recommended the lines to my fishing buddies and recommended them to anyone reading this review. The only change to the braid was loss of some color on the line that was constantly in and out of the water which also happens with the name brands. All in all I will begin to switch all reels over to Reaction Tackle Braided line for both Fresh and Saltwater setups.