Pro Staff

Do you have what it takes to join Reaction Tackle Pro Staff Family?

This is how to get started:

Reaction Tackle is a newer company in the fishing world, we are a US based company, and our number one priority is keeping our customers happy. We want our field staff/pro staff to recommend our products and be able to answer questions about the benefits of Reaction Tackle products. We want make sure you have used our products for a while, see how they perform, and make sure that you love Reaction Tackle products before you commit to putting us on your tournament jersey.  Consider it our trial period for you. We need you to help spread the word! 

As being part of our field staff, we are looking for you to be actively promoting our products, with relevant posts, pictures, videos and social media content that is promoting Reaction Tackle.  We also like to see fair and unbiased product reviews with photos and videos. Content must be geared towards our clientele with appropriate posts (no cursing, offensive subjects, etc.), and proof of using our products is naturally a prerequisite for becoming part of the Reaction Tackle Staff Team.  Reaction Tackle requires team members to be:  accountable, energetic, involved, morally sound and well spoken.  We hold our Field and Pro Staff Teams to the highest standards; thus, we will be looking into all social media outlets that applicants have for further validation.  This is your trial period for us.

We want to see that you are projecting our brand of Reaction Tackle products in the best possible way.  As you can see by scrolling down, we don't just hand out Reaction Tackle Staff positions.  All these anglers have been our customers long before we considered them to be on our pro staff team.  So, if you are just looking to fill a spot on your jersey please look elsewhere.

In exchange, our Field Staff are rewarded with an unlimited use 30% discount/promo code on Reaction Tackle products.  Exceptional long standing members may receive greater discounts! This includes everything on the website except gift cards.  You will also be given a referral coupon code, specific to you, that you can post, share and distribute as much as possible to potential customers.  Commissions will be paid to you (annually) by gift card for every customer that uses your specific coupon code.

Reaction Tackle field/ pro Staff members may also request prizes for tournaments they are in. We get requests almost every day, sorry we can’t fill every request. So please be sure that you are actively posting and promoting our products for the best chance at this. Minimum requirements are: field/ pro Staff member must be in the tournament, 20 or more anglers.

Field Staff Requirements

  • Required to already be a Reaction Tackle customer and actively using our products
  • Provide consistent and quality content including, but not limited to: unbiased product reviews, photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts, forum conversations, etc.  Any content provided may be used by Reaction Tackle at our own discretion.
  • Must be sharing and distributing of referral coupon code (additional information below).

 The Red Tape

  • Reaction Tackle Field Staff discount/promo code may not be shared with friends, family or any other individuals, this will result in immediate termination from the Field Staff or Pro Staff Teams.
  • Reselling merchandise is strictly prohibited.  
  • Reaction Tackle reserves the rights to terminate contracts at any given time for any reason

Thank you for your time and please click the Reaction Tackle Field Staff link to tell us about you if you are interested in joining: