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Reaction Tackle

Hollow Core- 16 Strand Braided Fishing Line

Hollow Core- 16 Strand Braided Fishing Line

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Hollow Core 16 Strand Braided Fishing Line- Spliceable- High Strength- Deep Sea and Saltwater Ready- Smooth Casting
  • Unmatched strength with small diameter- Experience the perfect balance of strength and finesse with our Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line; Its high tensile strength coupled with a small diameter outperforms other types of fishing line, providing you with the confidence to tackle trophy fish while maintaining excellent sensitivity
  • Build to last- Our Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line is crafted using UWHMP (Ultra-Weight High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), the strongest fiber known to man. This exceptional material ensures superior strength, durability, and reliability, empowering you to conquer the toughest fishing challenges with confidence
  • Seamless knotless splicing- The hollow core design enables effortless knotless splicing, ensuring a smooth and secure connection between your mainline and leader, eliminating the need for bulky knots that can hinder your performance.
  • Variety of Sizes- Reaction Tackle offers hollow core in test weight 50lb through 200lb, and lengths ranging from 600 yards through 2,500 yards
  • Unbeatable price- Our Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line offers exceptional value for your money, with an unbeatable price that ensures you get high-quality performance without breaking the bank

Elevate your angling game with our top-of-the-line Reaction Tackle Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line, engineered to empower anglers who demand the best. Featuring an impressively slim diameter, this high-performance line defies expectations.  With 16 strands woven together, it ensures effortless casts and extended reach. Crafted from UWHMP, the world's strongest fiber, it boasts unmatched strength, providing the backbone needed to tackle any fish species that crosses your path. Thanks to its hollow core design, knotless splicing becomes a breeze, creating a seamless connection between your mainline and leader for maximum durability. Dominate the waters with confidence as this line offers exceptional sensitivity, allowing you to detect the subtlest strikes and react swiftly. Whether you're pursuing trophy fish in freshwater or challenging the depths of saltwater, our Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line stands ready to conquer any angling adventure you embark upon. Upgrade your gear today and experience the thrill of reeling in your dream catch.

16 Strand sizes (diameter):

  • 50 lb (.30mm)
  • 65 lb (.35mm)
  • 80 lb (.40mm)
  • 100 lb (.45mm)
  • 130lb (.50mm)
  • 150 lb (.55mm)
  •  200 lb (.65mm)

Available lengths:

  • 600yds
  • 1000yds (in select sizes)
  • 1200yds
  • 2500yds
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