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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Hollow Core- 16 Strand Braided Fishing Line

Reaction Tackle Hollow Core- 16 Strand Braided Fishing Line

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Reaction Tackle Hollow Core 16 Strand Braided Fishing Line- Spliceable- High Strength- Deep Sea and Saltwater Ready- Smooth Casting
  • POWER & FINESSE COMBINED: Excelling in power and finesse to outperform rivals. High tensile strength and small diameter provide confidence in landing large fish while maintaining superb sensitivity
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our Hollow Core Braided Line, woven from UWHMP (Ultra-Weight High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), ensures unmatched strength, durability, and reliability
  • SEAMLESS KNOTLESS SPLICING: Our design enables effortless knotless splicing, ensuring a smooth and secure connection between your mainline and leader, eliminating the need for bulky knots
  • VARIETY OF SIZES: Reaction Tackle offers hollow core in test weight 50lb through 200lb, and lengths ranging from 600 yards through 2,500 yards
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE: Our Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line offers exceptional value for your money, with an unbeatable price that ensures you get high-quality performance without breaking the bank

Elevate Your Angling: Our premier Reaction Tackle Hollow Core Braided Line empowers demanding anglers. Slim diameter, 16-strand construction for effortless casting. Available in 3 popular colors- Blue Camo, Hi vis Yellow and White.  Knotless splicing, seamless mainline-leader connection. Exceptional sensitivity for swift reactions. From freshwater trophies to saltwater depths, conquer any adventure.

Additional Info:

Blue camo is metered- changes color every 10 yards.

16 Strand sizes (diameter):

  • 50 lb (.30mm)
  • 65 lb (.35mm)
  • 80 lb (.40mm)
  • 100 lb (.45mm)
  • 130lb (.50mm)
  • 150 lb (.55mm)
  •  200 lb (.65mm)

Available lengths:

  • 600yds
  • 1000yds (in select sizes)
  • 1200yds
  • 2500yds
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bart de Rooij
wow did theybsend the wrong strength

I am never going to use it, 65lb hollow is thicker than 100lb normal braid, i dont want to use more lead.

Derrick Lawrence

The price was good and the customer service even better.

Jeremy Smith
100# braid landed the fish of Chads life

Took some clients out shark fishing they caught the first shark of there lives. 100# Hollow core braid on a Shamino Tiagra topped with 100# mon all by Reaction Tackle. I love this line all there lines have had any of the fail yet.

hollow core

we used it for backing on our 30w great product would buy again

Dennis Dillon
High quality line at reasonable prices.

l have been using RT braided lines for about a 2 years for much of my bottom fishing. I find them to be of excellent quality, durable and reasonably priced. I have started to buy offshore braided lines and they are of equal to the inshore lines. Very pleased. Captain Denny Dillon Persuader II Rhode Island

Mother Mela René
Tough stuff!

This fishing line is exactly what you need for fishing on the ocean!