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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Nail Weights/ Insert Sinkers

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Nail Weights/ Insert Sinkers

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Nail Weights/ Insert Sinkers/ Various Sizes- Fishing Tackle- Perfect for Bass Fishing- Fishing Sinker- Various Rigging Techniques

  • TUNGSTEN NAIL WEIGHTS: Crafted from high-quality, 97% tungsten, our nail weights ensure optimal sinking, presentation and added sensitivity
  • EFFORTLESS INSERTION: Seamlessly thread the worm weights into your plastic lures. Designed for hassle-free application, they ensure easy rigging every time. Convenience meets practicality
  • ENHANCED UTILITY: Tungsten nail weights serve a dual purpose- they increase the lure's weight for improved sinking while redirecting it away from weeds. A must-have tool for bass and other fish species
  • VERSATILE RIGGING OPTIONS: Ideal for Carolina rigging and wacky rigging, these weights adapt to various techniques. Achieve the desired depth and movement to entice finicky fish
  • ENHANCING PRESENTATION: When a soft plastic bait is rigged with a nail weight, it can sink realistically, imitating the movement of prey sinking towards the bottom, making the bait look more enticing

The purpose of Reaction Tackle's nail weight is to modify the buoyancy and sink rate of soft plastic baits, particularly when using techniques like Carolina rigging or wacky rigging. Nail weights are slender, nail-shaped weights made of 97% Tungsten, and they are inserted into the body of the soft plastic bait. This customization enhances the bait's effectiveness, making it more enticing to fish and allowing anglers to adapt to various fishing techniques and scenarios.

• 1/32 oz (.88g)
• 1/16 oz (1.77g)
• 3/32 oz (2.65g)
• 1/8 oz (3.54g)
• 40pc variety pack (10 of each size)

  • 100 Piece Kit with case
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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Works good with my wacky rig

Works well with with my wacky rig

paul schweickert
Nail weight

Haven't used them yet, look great

James Greak III
Nail weights

Great product alot smaller profile than lead

Johnny Pierce
Quality product!!!

I use this in the head of senkos for throwing neko rigs. They stay in the plastic worm perfectly. I also decidesd in my last tournament, I wanted to remove the weight to change my worms presentation in the shallow water I was in. The weight easily removed and didn't tear up the worm. Great Product!!

I haven't used it yet. Hope to in the next couple of weeks. Looks like a very well designed product.

lots of sizes. it will work well for smallmouth fishing soft baits.

Harry Santichen
Well made product .

The attention to detail is very good.