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Reaction Tackle high quality Wacky TOOL AND O-RINGS

Reaction Tackle is located in Wisconsin. Everything is shipped from warehouses located in the USA.

Wacky style fishing is one of the best fishing techniques, especially for bass, try out Reaction Tackle wacky tools and O-rings

· 125 O-rings per pack! (25 more than standard packs)
· O-rings have a 1/4” ID and will both will work for almost all plastic worms up to 6”
· Various color o-rings available to match your bait, our use red to give the bait a bleeding effect
· Saves plastic worms!!! Senko style plastic worms can cost over $1 a piece now, but with the wacky o-ring your worms will last much longer saving you money
· Improves baits, making it easier to flip and skip under docks and tight places
· Bait falls to the bottom of lake with a more naturally causing more bites
· Catch more fish!

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