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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle HIGH QUALITY WACKY O-RINGS- 125 Pack

Reaction Tackle HIGH QUALITY WACKY O-RINGS- 125 Pack

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Reaction Tackle Wacky O-Rings - 125 Pack, 1/4" Inner Diameter - Enhance Bait Performance- Perfect for Wacky Rig, High Quality- Various Colors

  • GENEROUS QUANTITY: Each pack contains an impressive 125 O-rings, surpassing the standard packs by 25 additional rings
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY:Our O-rings boast a 1/4" inner diameter, ensuring compatibility with nearly all plastic worms up to 6" in length
  • VIBRANT COLOR OPTIONS:Choose from a diverse range of color options to perfectly match your bait. Alternatively, utilize our red O-rings for a captivating bleeding effect on your bait
  • PRESERVE YOUR PLASTIC WORMS:Say goodbye to wasted dollars! Plastic worms can cost over $1 per piece, but with our wacky O-rings, your worms will endure longer, ultimately saving you valuable money
  • BOOSTED BAIT ACTION: Effortless maneuvering! Our O-rings enhance bait movement for easy under dock flipping, skipping, and lifelike appeal, boosting your catch rate

Take your fishing to the next level with Reaction Tackle Wacky O-Rings. These expertly crafted rings enhance bait performance, save you money on plastic worms, and help you catch more fish. With 125 O-rings per pack, vibrant color options, and a natural bait presentation, you'll effortlessly maneuver your bait and entice more bites. Upgrade your fishing game now!

Colors Available:

  • Black
  • Black Variety pack
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Crawfish Orange
  • Reaction Red
  • June Bug
  • Watermelon
  • 750 Variety Pack- 125 of each color


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