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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle WACKY O-RINGS- 125 Pack

Reaction Tackle WACKY O-RINGS- 125 Pack

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Reaction Tackle Wacky O-Rings - 125 Pack, 1/4" Inner Diameter - Enhance Bait Performance- Perfect for Wacky Rig, High Quality- Various Colors

  • GENEROUS QUANTITY: Each pack contains an impressive 125 O-rings, surpassing the standard packs by 25 additional rings
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY:Our O-rings boast a 1/4" inner diameter, ensuring compatibility with nearly all plastic worms up to 6" in length
  • VIBRANT COLOR OPTIONS:Choose from a diverse range of color options to perfectly match your bait. Alternatively, utilize our red O-rings for a captivating bleeding effect on your bait
  • PRESERVE YOUR PLASTIC WORMS:Say goodbye to wasted dollars! Plastic worms can cost over $1 per piece, but with our wacky O-rings, your worms will endure longer, ultimately saving you valuable money
  • BOOSTED BAIT ACTION: Effortless maneuvering! Our O-rings enhance bait movement for easy under dock flipping, skipping, and lifelike appeal, boosting your catch rate

Take your fishing to the next level with Reaction Tackle Wacky O-Rings. These expertly crafted rings enhance bait performance, save you money on plastic worms, and help you catch more fish. With 125 O-rings per pack, vibrant color options, and a natural bait presentation, you'll effortlessly maneuver your bait and entice more bites. Upgrade your fishing game now!

Colors Available:

  • Black
  • Black Variety pack
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Crawfish Orange
  • Reaction Red
  • June Bug
  • Watermelon
  • 750 Variety Pack- 125 of each color


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Customer Reviews

Based on 431 reviews
Alex Sush
Great bundle value

The value of the package is amazing, this is all you need to start wacky rigging for beginners. If you had to buy it all separately it would cost over $40. All the materials feel great, hooks are sharp and heavy gauge. When I was purchasing I just needed the tool and the pouch, but ended up using everything that is inside. And did I mention, it catches fish too.

Solid tool

As you see in this picture from a major compitition Reaction tackle is reliable. From the hooks, rings, and tool, I don't get on the water without reaction tackle on my kayak. I have bought multiple tools to hand out to veterans to improve their game. You will not be disappointed with this product, I promise.

Linda Holmes
Hooks are the correct size as are the o-rings and applicator.Used them today and caught 5 bass.

Product package was economical and robust. I used the hooks, o-rings, and o-ring applier today for the first time, with much satisfaction.

Solid Quality Feeling

I know this is just some aluminum but the construction in all the parts feel solid and crafted well overall. The bands roll up the tube without breaking from my use so far.Only issue with my order is it came dented on both sides and I'm 99% sure that's due to AMAZON not the seller,. I've bought numerous items from Reaction Tackle and all have been perfectly fine. I think this is just such lightweight and amazon threw a box or something on top of it as it was shipped in a plastic bag.

Cost Effective Wacky O-ring replacement

 Looks to be just what came with the O-Wacky tool. Seems to be a good value also.

Tom Grauvogl
First time out

It works great