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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Panfish Jigs

Reaction Tackle Panfish Jigs

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Reaction Tackle Ice Fishing Jigs | Lures for Walleye, Perch, Panfish, Crappie, Trout, Bluegills and More | Premium Tungsten

  • ICE FISHING JIGS: Ideal for ice, freshwater, and saltwater fishing. Perfect for panfish, crappie, walleye, perch, trout, and bluegills. Tear shape, lifelike swim, made with tungsten
  • REALISTIC DESIGN: Life-like swimming action, realistic big eye pattern, and highly detailed paint attract more fish for successful ice, freshwater, and saltwater fishing
  • GLOW EFFECT: Jigs glow with UV light, enhancing visibility and attracting fish in low-light conditions
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: Made of 97% tungsten these jigs heavier and approximately 50% smaller than lead, providing improved performance in heavy cover and fewer hang-ups
  • ENHANCED SENSITIVITY: Added sensitivity allows you to detect even the most subtle bites, ensuring you don't miss any opportunities while using these innovative tungsten jigs

Discover the ultimate ice fishing companion with our Premium Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs. Designed to enhance your angling success, these jigs offer unmatched performance on the ice. With their precision-engineered design and high-quality materials, our jigs provide an enticing presentation that fish simply can't resist. The razor-sharp and barbed hooks guarantee superior penetration and increased hook-ups. Their highly detailed paintwork and realistic big eye pattern create an authentic appearance that lures in more fish. Crafted with lead-free weights made of 97% tungsten, these jigs are heavier and smaller than traditional options, enabling better maneuverability and reducing hang-ups. Gain an added advantage with the enhanced sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the most subtle bites that would otherwise go unnoticed. Take your ice fishing to new heights of success with our exceptional tungsten ice fishing jigs.


(6 jigs per pack)

• Black w/ Glow Spots
• Yellow/Orange Glow
• Pink Tiger Glow
• Purple Glow
• Wonder Glow Spots
• Red Glow
• Pink Glow
• Fire Tiger Glow
• Black/White Glow
• Blue Glow

  • Variety Pack- 10 pieces, one of each color
  • 30 Piece Pack- 3 of each color
  • 50 Piece Pack- 5 of each color PLUS CARRYING CASE!

• 3mm (#16 hook)
• 4mm (#14 hook)
• 5mm (#12 hook)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Nice little jigs

I haven't used these jigs yet but I intend to use them for ice fishing, and I think they will work well. The hooks are sharp and the paint doesn't scratch off.

Works great and GLOWS really bright

These were exactly as expected. I went with the wonderbread color because I've done well with the color in the past. These are 4mm and measure out to be about right. It'll be a good size for panfish. I probably should've went with the larger 5mm because I've gotten good sized crappies in the past. The color is nice and bright plus it glows in the dark very bright. (I put these jigs in my beanie and snapped a picture.) They're much brighter than I anticipated but hopefully they're just as bright when the temperatures drop. The ice isn't quite thick enough but I'm excited ot try these out.

Good Quality with clean eyelets.

These jigs far exceeded my expectations. The hooks are very strong and the eyelets are clear of paint. I have purchased many of this style and have had to clean the paint from all the eyelets before being able to tie them on the line, in doing so it often cracks the coating. These are very clean and well made.

James R Jordan
One of the hottest ice fishing color patterns out there

The wonder bread paint pattern is a killer pattern during the ice fishing season. These are a very nice set of those exact jigs. Well made and well painted. Can’t wait to have the grandkids use them and watch their faces when they are slaying the fish with them.

Great jig for something not ice fishing too

I bought this for Porgy fishing.Obviously it is not suitable for long casts, but if you put a fairly small crab on the hook and drop it slowly on a rock or pier in a close spot, it will bite during the fall.It is made of tungsten so it has a good weight for its size and is easy to get to the bottom.However, as for the size of the hook, I think it would be better if it were a little larger.

Ronald Arnson
My go-to lure for ice fishing.

The Wonder Bread pattern has been my go-to lure for catching pan fish thru the ice. I have had good luck catching perch, bluegills, and croppies with them. I even caught a northern pike on one last winter while jigging for perch. Because they are so small, I like the fact that they are made out of tungsten. This makes them a bit heavier to help get the lure back on bottom quicker when the fish are biting. These are well made with sharp hooks and NO paint filling the hook eyes.