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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Punch Weights/ Tungsten Sinkers

Reaction Tackle Punch Weights/ Tungsten Sinkers

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Punch Weights | Superior Fishing Performance | Heavy Cover Penetration | Designed for Punch Rig | Increased Sensitivity | Used for Bass Fishing and Other Species

  • TUNGSTEN PUNCH WEIGHTS: Dense tungsten composition provides a compact and streamlined design, enabling effortless penetration through heavy cover
  • INCREASED SENSITIVITY: Feel every nibble and bite with heightened sensitivity, ensuring quick and precise hooksets
  • HEAVY COVER PERFORMANCE: Designed specifically for fishing in dense vegetation and thick grass mats, delivering exceptional results
  • ACCURATE PRESENTATIONS: Achieve pinpoint accuracy and improve your casting distance, enhancing your chances of landing more fish
  • EASILY IDENTIFIABLE: Reaction Tackle Punch weights have their size clearly stamped on them

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Punch Weights are the perfect choice for anglers who want to experience unmatched fishing performance in challenging conditions. Made with high-quality tungsten, these weights are denser than lead and offer a compact profile and heightened sensitivity. This means you can feel even the subtlest bites and achieve better hooksets, leading to more fish caught.

The compact size of Reaction Tackle Tungsten Punch Weights makes them ideal for punching through dense vegetation. This technique involves casting a soft plastic bait into a heavy cover with a heavy-duty rod and a strong braided line. The weight helps the bait penetrate the vegetation without getting snagged, allowing you to reach your desired target zone accurately. Once the bait is in place, you can manipulate it to entice strikes from bass that are concealed in the cover.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great Tungsten

Great punch weights and durable. This is the way I set mine up with a rage tail. Customer service is excellent and very promptly returns emails.

Got what I needed

Exactly what I was looking for. No complaints.!!

R. Correa
Great weights...

Great weights.... right price. I always use these and they work great.

Robbie Terry


Fla Bob
Good purchase

Excellent quality punch weights, fast shipping and reasonably priced. No negatives yet.

Jeff Holloway
Buy four for the price of one from others

First time using Reaction tungsten weight a I was broken off from a hawg Bass, fortunately I still have three of them left for redemption.