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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Bladed/Tungsten Weighted Swimbait Hooks- 3-Pack

Reaction Tackle Bladed/Tungsten Weighted Swimbait Hooks- 3-Pack

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Reaction Tackle Bladed/Tungsten Weighted Swimbait Hooks- Bass Fishing -Underspin- Weedless Design-High Quality- Freshwater/Saltwater

  • BLADED/WEIGHTED SWIMBAIT HOOKS: The spring keeper ensures reliable bait retention, keeping your lure secure during casting and retrieving, effective presentation and without worrying about slipping
  • CAMOUFLAGE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT: The matte black finish seamlessly blends with the surroundings, reducing the hook's visibility to fish and enhancing the lure's effectiveness
  • EFFICIENT WEEDLESS DESIGN: The bladed swimbait hook glides through vegetation, structures, and cover, ensuring uninterrupted fishing with fewer snags
  • TUNGSTEN WEIGHTING PRECISION: Our bladed swimbait hook's strategic tungsten weight boosts stability, casting distance, and allure, ensuring a compelling presentation for cautious fish
  • PRECISION POWER: Experience unmatched precision and secure hooksets with our hook's razor-sharp design, ensuring superior penetration and minimizing the risk of fish escaping

Upgrade your swimbait game with Reaction Tackle Bladed/Tungsten Weighted Swimbait Hooks 3-PACK. These innovative hooks combine bladed design and tungsten weighting for unmatched performance. The blades add flash and vibration, attracting fish from afar. With heightened sensitivity and balanced swimming action, these hooks maximize your hook-setting accuracy and lure's appeal. Built to last with laser-sharp points, they ensure solid hooksets. Elevate your fishing success with this durable and effective swimbait hook set.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Gustavo Calderon
Good quality

If you get something from this review is don't buy the other underspin from Amazon the lead ones harmony fishing underspin, i bought both sets and this are a little more but you get 3 times the quality i will be buying more when these wear out.

Brad P Curcuru
These hooks just work!

I've caught 4 or 5, four pound plus bass on these hooks this summer.. all with a white swimmer bait attached... highly recommend!!!!

Wendell S.

These work great. Very strong and durable. Highly recommend.

Jeff Hoover
It catches fish!

I've mainly used this for big bass, but even 2 1/2 pound crappie can't resist. It's replaced my traditional Texas rig, as my "go to" bait.

Jesse Barfield
Works Great

These things really work. I use them for LMB. Caught 4 - 6 lb'ers with no issues. 1 should last for about 20 aggressive fish. I pair them with Googan Baits Crakin Kraw and Bandito Bugs.

Pat Webb
Works great, very weedless

I regularly use these underspins for snakehead fishing. I have caught many fish with these hooks. I love the weight and size these hooks come in. With most other companys, they will only come in 5/0 which is bigger then I use. The only mis hap I have had is one of the blades was torn off but had already landed a few fish on it. Not complaining, ive used strike kings underspins and had my hook snap on the first bite...great product I definitely recommend