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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Fishing Rod Cover (2-PACK)

Reaction Tackle Fishing Rod Cover (2-PACK)

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Reaction Tackle Fishing Rod Cover- Rod Sleeve- Rod Sock 2-Pack- Flat or Pointed End-Spinning or Casting Rods- Breathable and Flexible

  • ROD SOCK/ROD SLEEVE: Durable and protective; Designed to safeguard valuable fishing rods from scratches, dings, and UV rays, ensuring their longevity and performance during transporting and storage
  • UV RESISTANT: Reaction Tackle rod socks are crafted using PET material, known for its durability, strength and excellent UV resistance, protecting fishing rods from the damaging effects of UV rays
  • STYLE: Available with Flat or Point End; Pointed ends facilitate easy insertion into rod tubes or rod holders, making them convenient for storage and transportation
  • VERSATILITY: Rod socks come in various lengths and diameters, making them suitable for different types of fishing rods- whether it's a spinning rod, casting rod, or extra long rod
  • BREATHABLE: Many rod socks are designed to be breathable, allowing air circulation around the rod; This feature helps prevent moisture build-up, keeping rods dry and well-ventilated

Introducing our premium Rod Sock: Crafted for exceptional protection, organization, and convenience. High-quality PET material ensures durability, shielding rods from scratches and dings. Versatile design fits spinning, casting, ice, and fly rods. Breathable construction maintains rod health by preventing moisture build-up. Lightweight and adjustable closures for hassle-free use. UV-resistant coating preserves rods from harmful sunlight exposure.

Additional Info-


  • Reaction Tackle Casting rod covers are approximately 67” long and 1.25” wide and expand even further to accommodate practically all casting rods
  • Reaction Tackle LONG Cast rod covers are approximately 78” long and 1.25” wide and expand even further to accommodate practically all casting rods
  • Reaction Tackle Spinning rod covers are approximately 67” long and 2” wide and expand even further to accommodate practically all spinning rods
  • Reaction Tackle XL Spinning rod covers are approximately 67” long and 2.5” wide and expand even further to accommodate the largest spinning rods

We recommend you check the size will be adequate to protect your rods, most of the time the sleeve will end between the last eye and the reel

• Black
• Red
• Blue
• Yellow/Black
• Swamp Green
• Black/Green 
• Metal Gray
• Black/Red
• Black/Blue

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Customer Reviews

Based on 352 reviews

The rod cover are perfect. They look and fit great on my new rods I made. Awesome product

Paul Vanasse
Wow. Massive XL

Xl bag is huge. Very well constructed. Looks like it will wash off nice. Great bag.

Joseph C Bickford

Never had any problems or service from you great excellent product

Rod sleeves

There are great rod sleeves, never go fishing without them

Craftsman YT 3000
Great secure fit and protection.

I put this product on my 9’ Lamiglass salmon rod. It’s made very well and secured nicely with the elastic band to the reel handle. I will be buying more.

Get Protection with a Sleeve

To protect expensive or hard-earned and personally valuable fishing RODS get yourself several rod sleeves/socks. The sleeves/socks work perfectly. They keep your rods from becoming entangled. I fully endorse! Git'u some🇺🇸