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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Barrel Weights

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Barrel Weights

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Barrel Weights/Fishing Sinkers- Carolina Rig for Bass Fishing- Size Stamped on All Weights

  • TUNGSTEN BARREL WEIGHTS: Our Tungsten Barrel Weights have a polished center which ensures zero line damage, allowing you to set the hook with confidence. Flawless line protection
  • TUNGSTEN ADVANTAGE: 97% Tungsten. Even after a year of use, the tungsten difference is clear. Its higher density and hardness, compared to lead, enhance vibrations sent through your rod and reel
  • STREAMLINED DESIGN: The barrel-shaped design minimizes snags and allows the weights to navigate through cover and structure, reducing the risk of getting caught in weeds or rocks
  • VERSATILE RANGE: Available in various weight options, Reaction Tackle provides the versatility needed for different fishing techniques, water depths, and conditions
  • DURABLE FINISH: Coated with a rugged finish, these tungsten weights resist chipping and scratching, ensuring lasting performance and an investment in quality gear

Unlock angling mastery with Reaction Tackle Tungsten Barrel Weights—a testament to precision and performance. These weights redefine finesse with their immaculate design, ensuring every lure dances with perfection. Crafted from futuristic tungsten, their dense composition guarantees heightened responsiveness and aquatic efficiency. The barrels' elegance masks their hydro-dynamic brilliance, effortlessly gliding through underwater jungles. Encounter a weight collection tailored to conquer diverse fishing styles, matched by a tenacious finish that defies wear and tear. Reaction Tackle beckons—upgrade your gear and reel in triumph like never before.


  • Plain/silver
  • Never Chip Black
  • Never Chip Green Pumpkin


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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Amazon Customer
... weights and this one is by far my most favorite one. Super clean

I use alot of barrel weights and this one is by far my most favorite one. Super clean, drops fast gets to the strike zone more efficiently. I highly recommend this product to all fisherman

Cody B Truckin
Good Tungsten!!!!

I have purchased multiple sizes and quantities of the non -chip black tungsten weights. Very good product and quality for the price. Very satisfied and it arrived quickly. Thank you reaction tackle!!! I’m a avid tournament angler

June C
Replace lead with these!

Nice and heavy weights to replace toxic lead weights. I have switched out all my weights to these and they work just fine without polluting the water and poisoning the fish.

Michael Harrison
Quality product

Quality product. Can’t wait to use them for our annual salmon trip.

Richard M
Using for carolina

Still working with these Great finish on the product

david haynes 2

I have ordered Many weights from them. No problems with coating. Never had a weight with a burr in the whole either. I always look for Reaction Tackle when on Amazon. And I’ve never had a issue with larger orders.