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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Punch Rig/Punch Weight with Skirt

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Punch Rig/Punch Weight with Skirt

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Skirted Tungsten Punch Rigs/Punch Weight/ Ultimate Rig for Bass Fishing/ Perfect for Heavy Cover and Thick Vegetation

  • TUNGSTEN PUNCH RIGS: Unlock the power of punching and elevate your bass fishing game. Our punch rigs provide a reliable method to target elusive bass in their favorite hiding spots
  • PUNCH THROUGH COVER: Conquer thick vegetation with ease using our punch rig designed to penetrate lily pads, grass mats, and heavy cover
  • TUNGSTEN WEIGHT ADVANTAGE: Equipped with a premium tungsten weight, our rig ensures a quick and efficient punch, getting your bait to the strike zone effortlessly
  • OPTIMAL BAIT PRESENTATION: Crafted for bass hiding beneath cover, our rig's streamlined design keep your soft plastic bait natural and enticing
  • PACK OF THREE:  Each package contains three punch rigs, giving you multiple chances to land that trophy bass without the hassle of re-rigging
A Reaction Tackle punch rig is an essential tool in bass fishing, designed to navigate the thickest of underwater cover with finesse. By pairing with a weedless hook, this rig enables anglers to expertly penetrate dense vegetation like lily pads and grass mats. The weight swiftly delivers the bait into the bass's hiding spots while the weedless hook prevents frustrating snags. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, the punch rig empowers you to target elusive bass in their favorite sanctuary, revolutionizing your fishing experience in challenging environments.

Black Blue
Dark Pumpkin Brown
Okeechobee Craw
3/8oz (3 per pack)
1/2oz (3 per pack)
3/4oz (3 per pack)
1 oz (3 per pack)
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