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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Putty - for Fishing Weight and Pinewood Derby Cars

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Putty - for Fishing Weight and Pinewood Derby Cars

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Tungsten Putty/Sinker Putty- Perfect for Weight Adjustment/Lure Depth/Rig Balancing and Weight Modifying- 3 Colors Available
  • TUNGSTEN PUTTY: Achieve the perfect depth for your lures. Mold and shape the putty to adjust the weight and sinking speed, allowing you to target fish at various water depths
  • DENSE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Crafted from high-density tungsten, our putty offers superior weight in a compact form. No more bulky weights. Plus, it's eco-friendly, compared to traditional lead weights
  • ENHANCED SENSITIVITY: Feel every nibble and movement with our tungsten putty. Its high density provides unmatched sensitivity, helping you detect even the slightest bites for a higher hookup rate.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Beyond fishing, our putty finds multiple uses. Perfect for balancing machinery, adding weight to Pinewood Derby cars, crafting, and more.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Built to withstand rigors of fishing, our tungsten putty is durable and long-lasting. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, this putty will become an indispensable tool

Tungsten putty revolutionizes fishing by providing anglers with a versatile and precision tool. Moldable and dense, it allows for effortless weight adjustment, enabling anglers to fine-tune their rigs and lures for specific fishing conditions. With its eco-friendly composition and superior sensitivity, tungsten putty not only enhances catch rates but also aligns with responsible fishing practices. Whether adjusting depth, fine-tuning presentation, or crafting a balanced setup, tungsten putty is a must-have accessory for both novice and experienced anglers seeking a dynamic and effective fishing experience.

• 2 oz (60g)

• Black
• Brown
• Green
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