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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Putty

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Putty

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Tungsten Putty/Sinker Putty- Perfect for Weight Adjustment/Lure Depth/Rig Balancing and Weight Modifying- 3 Colors Available
  • TUNGSTEN PUTTY: Achieve the perfect depth for your lures. Mold and shape the putty to adjust the weight and sinking speed, allowing you to target fish at various water depths
  • DENSE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Crafted from high-density tungsten, our putty offers superior weight in a compact form. No more bulky weights. Plus, it's eco-friendly, compared to traditional lead weights
  • ENHANCED SENSITIVITY: Feel every nibble and movement with our tungsten putty. Its high density provides unmatched sensitivity, helping you detect even the slightest bites for a higher hookup rate.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Beyond fishing, our putty finds multiple uses. Perfect for balancing machinery, adding weight to Pinewood Derby cars, crafting, and more.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Built to withstand rigors of fishing, our tungsten putty is durable and long-lasting. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, this putty will become an indispensable tool

Tungsten putty revolutionizes fishing by providing anglers with a versatile and precision tool. Moldable and dense, it allows for effortless weight adjustment, enabling anglers to fine-tune their rigs and lures for specific fishing conditions. With its eco-friendly composition and superior sensitivity, tungsten putty not only enhances catch rates but also aligns with responsible fishing practices. Whether adjusting depth, fine-tuning presentation, or crafting a balanced setup, tungsten putty is a must-have accessory for both novice and experienced anglers seeking a dynamic and effective fishing experience.

• 2 oz (60g)

• Black
• Brown
• Green
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Good for going deep in fast water

My guide used this material on the Bighorn and I found it great to fish with. I bought a container and recently used. I like it better then shot weight because it picks up less plant material. Takes a little work to get it to stay in place. Tip, apply over a knot.

Robert Trim
Cool stuff

Suggested to me that I might like this over split-shot when fly fishing. Well, yes I do. A lot. I can create just the right amount of weight and shape it as needed. When you're done, pull it off the line and keep it for another use. Great product.

Wayne K.
As described.

Golf club weighting.

W Smith
Good quality and quality, will purchase from again.

Using for Czech nymphing

Old goatroper
Easy putty to work with.

Easy to use; holds shape very well

Great for Tennis Rackets Too!

Bought this tungsten putty to add weight to my tennis racket handle. It worked perfectly for that purpose, super easy to work with. Thanks!