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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Screw Lock Jig Heads (5-Pack)

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Screw Lock Jig Heads (5-Pack)

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Screw Lock Jig Heads/ 5 Pack/ Perfect Bass Fishing Lure Presentation/ Versatile- Use for Fishing Bass, Walleye, and More

  • SCREW LOCK JIG HEAD: The screw lock design ensures that the soft plastic bait is firmly attached to the jig head., preventing the bait from sliding down or getting dislodged during casting and retrieval
  • NATURAL ACTION: When a soft plastic is threaded onto a screw lock jig head, the bait can move freely, creating lifelike movements that mimic the behavior of real prey. This can attract and entice fish
  • IMPROVED HOOKING: The screw lock design often exposes more of the hook point, increasing the chances of hooking a fish when it strikes, even if using bulkier soft plastics
  • VERSATILITY: Screw lock jig heads are versatile and can be used in various fishing scenarios, such as bass fishing, walleye fishing, and more. They are effective for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • WEEDLESS DESIGN: The soft plastic can be threaded onto the screw lock, and its profile is streamlined to reduce snagging on underwater vegetation or structure, making them suitable for fishing in heavy cover

Using the Reaction Tackle screw lock jig head enhances your fishing experience by providing a reliable solution for securing soft plastic baits. This innovative design firmly attaches the bait to the jig head, eliminating worries of slippage during casting and retrieval. The result is a lifelike presentation that entices fish to strike. Whether you're targeting bass, walleye, or other species, the screw lock jig head's versatile and weedless design ensures you can fish confidently in various environments. Enjoy the natural action of your soft plastic bait and increase your hooking success with this essential fishing accessory.

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