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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Swim Jigs (2-Pack)

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Swim Jigs (2-Pack)

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Swim Jigs for Bass Fishing- 2 Pack- Realistic Baitfish Imitation- Weedless Design- Lifelike Skirt Action- Heavy Cover 

  • REACTION TACKLE SWIM JIGS: Designed for all anglers- 97% tungsten, enhanced sensitivity, and year round success
  • REALISTIC SWIMMING ACTION: The tungsten swim jig mimics baitfish movement, enticing fish with its lifelike swimming motion and triggering predatory instincts
  • REACTION STRIKES: The lifelike swim and predatory instincts trigger reaction strikes. Fish react aggressively to moving prey, and the jig's motion can prompt strikes due to aggression or territorial behavior
  • WEEDLESS DESIGN FOR OPTIMAL HOOKSETS: Equipped with a built-in weed guard, our jigs prevent frustrating snags while guaranteeing solid hooksets when bass strike
  • YEAR-ROUND EFFECTIVENESS: Tungsten swim jigs excel year-round, spanning spring to fall. Their adaptability to diverse water temperatures and conditions ensures dependable angling success

The Reaction Tackle tungsten swim jig's purpose is to replicate the movement of baitfish and trigger predatory instincts in fish. These lures excel in producing a realistic swimming action, making them suitable for versatile retrieval techniques and various fishing environments. Whether you're targeting bass, pike, or other predators, a tungsten swim jig can be a valuable addition to your tackle box.


  • Black/ Blue
  • Dark Pumpkin/ Brown
  • Okeechoebee Craw
  • Black
  • Tennessee Shad
  • Bluegill
  • Green Pumpkin/ Black
  • Camo Craw
  • PB&J
  • Candy Craw

• 1/4 oz (3/0 hook)
• 3/8 oz (3/0 hook)
• 1/2 oz (4/0 hook)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
They look good👍🏻

Well built my first tungsten jigs. They look smaller than 3/8 . But I weighed them they are 3/8. I will have to retrain eyes 🎣

Jeremy Flack
Top Swim Jigs on the market.

These are some of the best swim jig’s on the market. The tungsten heads, with a great hook and weed guard. I’ve got boxes full of Reaction jigs and are my go to jigs from football jigs dragging deep rock points to swimming a swim jig through cover or boat docks.

Jeremy aFlack
Best of the best!!!!!!

Reaction Tackles swim jig’s are 10 ⭐️, I have fished jigs from most competitors and with out a doubt this is my go to swim jig. I truly cannot say enough about the quality and design of this jig. Reaction tackles swimjigs have a great weed guard, that is important when you’re swimming threw cover and with the hand tied durable skirt that flows in the water with every beat of your rod tip and with the tungsten head sensitivity to feel the most subtle bite only adds fish in your live well.

Great product

Great product for the money.

Nice set up

Skirt Does not flare when reeling in but seems well made.price is fair tho

Amanda Mitchem
Works well when nothing else is

Like I said when the Bass have lockjaw, it helps to bring a change.