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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Wacky Jig Heads (5-PACK)

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Wacky Jig Heads (5-PACK)

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Tungsten Wacky Jig Heads (5-PACK) - Weedless Option- Finesse Jig for Soft Plastics and Wacky Worms
  • TUNGSTEN WACKY JIG HEADS: One of the best techniques, especially for bass. Try out Reaction Tackle tungsten wacky jig heads for superior performance.
  • WEEDLESS OPTION: Enjoy a weedless fishing experience with our jig heads, minimizing snags and maximizing your fishing success.
  • OFFSET TUNGSTEN WEIGHT: The offset design triggers more strikes from bass and other species, making your fishing trips more productive.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CHIP-RESISTANT PAINT: Our jig heads are built to last, ensuring their durability and effectiveness over multiple fishing outings.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Lead-free weights made of 97% tungsten are not only eco-friendly but also offer enhanced performance in heavy cover and fewer hang-ups.

Dive into wacky style fishing with Reaction Tackle tungsten wacky jig heads. Designed for bass and more, these jig heads offer weedless finesse and an offset tungsten weight for enhanced strikes. Their chip-resistant paint ensures enduring quality. Lead-free and 97% tungsten, they maneuver through cover effortlessly. Detect subtle bites with heightened sensitivity. Available in black and green pumpkin, these jig heads redefine angling versatility.

Green Pumpkin

AVAILABLE SIZES: (Also available in Weedless style)
1/16 oz (2/0 hook)
3/32 oz (2/0 hook)
1/8 oz (2/0 hook)
3/16 oz (2/0 hook)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

Con.. the head doesn't allow the ring to slide past. A simple design change can cure that. This is only a minor inconvenience though. Pro... I bought the 1/16 oz head and it gives enough weight without taking away the action. 1/16 is the perfect weight to improve the action on the way down. In the pictures these both were caught on the same hook, with no bending. I highly recommend this product.

Paul Ferber
Great for wacky presentation.

I switched the reaction tackle tungsten hooks over a year ago and I love them.

christine blumberg
Work great!!!

Those are AWESOME!!

Finesse tung weedless hooks

I love these little guys. They do perform excellently! I used it here with a ringed senko and it added the extra action I was looking for to “wake up” the senko. As well ,reduced hang ups dramatically.

Great Wacky Hooks

Landed this 17.25in LM punching through vegetation on Presque Isle! Recommend highly. Hey Reaction, how about a decal for my kayak!

Not just for Wacky Rigs!

I often use these jigs rigged Ned Rig style with a certain zoft plaztic that iz 10x timez stronger! You may know of them. They go on easily and stay in place with a bait peg. What I like about the jig is that with ultra light or just lite line you don't have to set the hook. Just reel in and raise the tip and about 9 of 10 of my fish are hooked firmly in the lip. When you are catching fish like the one in the pic on 4 lb line you don't want the bait inside their mouth where that lower lip has a chance to grind on that line!I want to give a thanks to Chad @ Reaction Tackle for taking the time to answer some questions I had!