Hooked on Fall Fishing

Hooked on Fall Fishing

Ah, the Midwest in the fall. The leaves are changing color, the air turns crisp, and those big bass are in a feeding frenzy. Whether you're casting your line in the Great Lakes or one of Big Bend's hidden gems, there's one thing that can set you apart from every other angler: the right hook.

You've heard it before, but it bears repeating: The hook is the closest thing between you and your catch. Whether you're in the salty sea air of the coasts or the freshwater havens inland, this is a time when fish are eager to bite. Now, choosing the right hook can make all the difference in your success rate. But before we dive into that, let's bring it closer to home for a second.

A Note from Big Bend, WI

Here in Big Bend, my favorite fall fish has to be the smallmouth bass. This fish offers an exciting mix of power and agility, making every catch a memorable one. For smallmouth bass, I love to use worm hooks. The natural presentation these hooks give to your bait can make all the difference, and they've yet to let me down.

Why Fall?

More like, why not the fall. Now is a great time because the fish, all across the U.S., are fattening up for the winter and are more likely to bite. However, fall fish can also be extra wary. The solution? Adapt your hooks to match what the fish are craving and the type of lure you’re using.

Circle Hooks from Reaction Tackle

Trust me, if you haven't tried circle hooks for fall fishing, you're missing out. These hooks are designed to slide effortlessly into the corner of a fish's mouth, making it perfect for catch and release. The unique design also makes it difficult for the fish to shake off the hook. Consistency is your friend for fall catches.

Worm Hooks: The Freshwater Go-To

Worm hooks aren't just my favorite for smallmouth bass here in Wisconsin; they’re fantastic for freshwater fishing across the nation. Whether you’re targeting steelhead in the Pacific Northwest or largemouth bass in the Southern states, these hooks offer a natural and irresistible presentation. Check out Reaction Tackle’s selection for your freshwater needs.

Drop Shot Hooks: The Secret Weapon

Now, if you're fishing in rocky or weedy areas, a drop shot hook can be your best friend. It allows you to suspend your bait above the potential hang-ups, such as rocks or weeds. The design is sleek, less likely to snag, and perfect for hooking those cautious fall fish like smallmouth bass in the Great Lakes or crappie in the Southern reservoirs.

Tackle Tungsten Jigging Spoons: The Perfect Blend

Looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to hooking predatory fish? Our Tungsten Jigging Spoons are your go-to. These spoons come with treble hooks attached, making them a versatile choice for those after species like musky or northern pike. The tungsten construction allows for more control and easier jigging, mimicking wounded prey that large predatory fish can't resist.

The Bottom Line

From our base in Big Bend, WI to wherever you're fishing this fall, the right gear can make all the difference. Make sure to shop Reaction Tackle, with our selection of circle hooks, worm hooks, and drop shot hooks, you'll be reeling in those fall monsters in no time.

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