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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle ICE Monofilament Fishing Line

Reaction Tackle ICE Monofilament Fishing Line

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Reaction Tackle ICE Monofilament Fishing Line - High Performance Ice Fishing Line with Low Memory, Abrasion Resistant, and Freeze-Resistant Design

  • ICE MONOFILAMENT: Maximize tip-up potential with our specialized ice fishing line. A game-changing choice tailored for tip-up fishing, ensuring unmatched performance and success
  • UNRIVALED STRENGTH: Feel the power of our high-strength nylon line, engineered to withstand the tough ice fishing conditions; No fish stands a chance against the resilience and durability of our line
  • ELIMINATE ICE BUILD-UP: Ice build-up on your tip-ups and rod guides can be frustrating; Our line has cutting-edge technology that minimizes ice formation, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted fishing
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, UNBEATABLE VALUE: Our line combines high quality with an affordable price, making it the ultimate choice for ice fishing enthusiasts who demand the best
  • CONQUER THE ELEMENTS: Tackle harsh conditions effortlessly. Our line excels in abrasion resistance, ensuring unmatched durability. Fish confidently, knowing it triumphs over any challenge

Experience ice fishing like never before with the Reaction Tackle ICE Monofilament Fishing Line. Designed for excellence, this line offers ultra-sensitivity, low memory, and superior strength. Say goodbye to missed bites and tangles. With high abrasion resistance and resistance to freezing, this line performs flawlessly in harsh conditions. Available in various colors, weights and lengths, it's time to upgrade your gear and conquer the ice.

Sizes (diameter):

  • 2 lb (0.12mm)
  • 3 lb (0.14mm )
  • 4 lb (0.16mm)
  • 6 lb (0.2mm)
  • 8 lb (0.23mm)
  • 10 lb (0.26mm)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Stan B.
I like the flourescent Green line for visibilty

The thick ice hasn't started to form on our lakes yet; we only have a skim of ice, not enough even to walk on. But when it does, I'll be using this line. I've tried it out on some other reels I have, and seems to have the strength I'm going to need when it rubs up against the ice. I like the visibility when it's out of the water, and while it's in the water it doesn't seem to be as bright. This will work well when I'm fishing at night or in the daytime.

Benediktson Computer
Nice, slightly stiff monofilament

Perfect for the body of hand tied fly leaders (not tippet), could serve well on a casting reel too.

D.C. Brooks
Easy to see, spooled up smoothly

I just put this on a new reel and am really just waiting for the lake to freeze to test it. While playing with it before and after spooling it up it looks and feels goods and the strength feels like it should at room temp, will have to wait and see how it act when it is cold.

Holding up well.

Good visibility, holding up well.

Lisa Pettigrew
Pleasantly surprised at durability

Great quality line, Amazing for ice fishing!

Great for Balloon garlands

I use this fishing line to connect my balloon garlands. It works great, is sturdy and does not cut into my hands when wrapping or tying.