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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Wacky Neko Hooks- 25 Pack

Reaction Tackle Wacky Neko Hooks- 25 Pack

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Reaction Tackle High Quality Neko Hooks/Wacky Rig Hooks for Bass Fishing/Ultra Sharp - 25 Bulk Pack

  • WACKY NEKO HOOKS:  Reaction Tackle's 25-pack of premium Wacky Neko Hooks are expertly crafted for Wacky and Neko rigging, perfecting your finesse fishing game with unrivaled precision
  • IDEAL FOR SOFT PLASTICS: Designed for use with senko-like worms and other soft plastics, these hooks ensure seamless integration, offering the ultimate presentation to lure in your prized catch
  • PRECISION PERFECTED: Experience the pinnacle of angling with high-quality laser-sharp hooks, meticulously engineered for exceptional strength, sharpness, and rust resistance
  • STEALTHY BLEND: The matte black nickel hooks seamlessly blend with the aquatic environment, minimizing visibility and maximizing your tactical advantage
  • ADVANCED COMPOSITION: Crafted with lead-free weights that are 97% tungsten, these hooks enhance sensitivity and provide the weight needed for perfecting your finesse technique

Reaction Tackle's High-Quality Wacky Neko Hooks 25-Pack is a game-changer for finesse anglers. Tailored for Wacky and Neko rigging, these hooks are your ultimate companion for precision presentations. Specifically designed for Senko-like worms and other soft plastics, they ensure a seamless fit that attracts even the most elusive fish. The hooks boast laser-sharp quality, exemplifying strength and sharpness to secure your catch. Their matte black nickel finish blends effortlessly with the environment, giving you the upper hand. Crafted with lead-free weights comprising 97% tungsten, these hooks deliver unparalleled sensitivity and balance. The Neko Hook, tailored for neko-rigging finesse, features a long shank and wide-gap design, ensuring the perfect vertical position for irresistible strikes. Elevate your finesse game with Reaction Tackle and redefine angling excellence.

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Customer Reviews

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Garrett A
Best Neko hooks on the market

I have been using these hooks for a few seasons now and always return to them when looking at terminal gear. They are high strength, great finish, and super sharp. If you want a confident hook set, pick these up. Best price I can find on hooks of this quality.