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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle 5-Pack Tungsten Ned Rig-Shroom Jigs

Reaction Tackle 5-Pack Tungsten Ned Rig-Shroom Jigs

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Reaction Tackle 5-Pack Tungsten Mushroom Head Ned Rig Shroom Jigs -Bass Fishing Jigs for Finesse Fishing - Durable and Weedless

  • TUNGSTEN SHROOM JIGS: The unique shroom-shaped head of these jigs provides an excellent stand-up presentation, mimicking natural prey and enticing fish to strike
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: Reaction Tackle Ned Rig Shroom Jigs are expertly crafted with top-notch materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Suitable for various fishing conditions, these jigs work wonders in freshwater and saltwater, enticing a wide range of species including bass, trout, walleye, and more
  • EASY TO USE: Designed for hassle-free fishing, these jigs feature an innovative design and wire bait keeper that securely holds soft plastic baits in place, making rigging quick and effortless
  • WIDE RANGE OF SIZES AND COLORS: Choose from a selection of sizes and vibrant colors to match your fishing preferences and target species. With Reaction Tackle Ned Rig Shroom Jigs, you'll have the versatility to adapt to any fishing situation

    Experience unparalleled finesse fishing with our Premium Tungsten Mushroom Head Ned Rig Shroom Jigs. This 5-pack of bass fishing jigs is meticulously crafted with high-quality tungsten for superior sensitivity, allowing you to feel every nibble. The mushroom head design ensures a natural presentation and prevents snagging, while the weedless feature allows for hassle-free fishing in vegetation-rich areas. With their durable construction, these jigs can withstand the toughest fights, ensuring long-lasting use. Whether you're targeting bass or other game fish, these versatile shroom jigs entice strikes with their lifelike appearance and realistic action. Enhance your fishing arsenal with our premium jigs for unbeatable finesse, durability, and versatility. Perfect for bass fishing, finesse fishing, and weedless applications. Prepare for unforgettable angling adventures with Reaction Tackle Tungsten Mushroom Head Ned Rig Shroom Jigs.


    • Black
    • Green Pumpkin
    • Chartreuse
    • Red
    • White


    • 1/15 oz (#1 hook)
    • 1/10 oz (#1 hook)
    • 1/8 oz (3/0 hook)
    • 1/6 oz (3/0 hook)
    • 1/5 oz (3/0 hook)
    • 1/4 oz (3/0 hook)


    • 1/15oz (1/0 hook)
    • 1/10oz (1/0 hook)
    • 1/8oz (1/0 hook)
    • 1/6 oz (2/0 hook)
    • 1/5 oz (2/0 hook)
    • 1/4 oz (2/0 hook)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 144 reviews
    Lance C
    Best weedless Ned out there

    Love these! Perfect fall rate for the rivers I fish, no bending out and razor sharp hooks! Already ordered more!!

    Robert Layton
    ( Bass Slayers)

    These jigs work the upper barb holds the bait on , a slow retrieve or let it sink .

    Adam Allsup
    Seems decent

    I’m currently deployed so I don’t have access to my molds to pour and paint my own jigs. But since I still want to tie jigs I ordered these. Fairly decent price and the hooks are sharp but the hooks are way bigger than what I was expecting. The size of the hooks seem to be close to a 3/0 or possibly a 4/0.

    Daniel justin Short
    awesome product

    Love these and so did the bass! Thanks for your product and the quality!

    Alexander sterling
    The Great Addition to Terminal Tackle

    Price and performance I would not have known these tungsten mushroom head jigs would compete with my other tackle. Im able to pen the fish with less force on the hookset, ive caught 5 bass, a few bait adjustments until I broke the bait keeper tab. Nonetheless Reaction Tackle you have a new fan and thoroughly impressed and excited to explore more of your products

    joseph e.
    They work!

     Started the day at a new lake...threw everything at em...topwater, crankbait, t-rig craw worm and creature bait and nothing. I don’t fish it often but I tied on the reaction tackle tungsten Ned head with Z-man finesse TRD GP worm and Shazam!! 5 fish in the next 1 1/2. Skunk out and a great day fishing. Definitely recommend these tungsten Ned heads...tight lines guys!!!