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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Carolina Ready Rigs 6 Pieces- Pre Rigged

Reaction Tackle Carolina Ready Rigs 6 Pieces- Pre Rigged

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    Reaction Tackle Carolina Ready Rigs 6 Pieces- Pre Rigged for Saltwater or Freshwater Bass Fishing with Bullet Weights and Brass Amplifier

    • CAROLINA RIG: The Carolina Rig is a popular and versatile fishing technique primarily used for bass fishing, known for its ability to cover a wide range of water depths and structures
    • SLIDING WEIGHT SYSTEM: The Carolina Rig features a sliding weight placed above the swivel, allowing the bait to move more freely and imitate natural baitfish movements, attracting predatory fish
    • EFFECTIVE IN VARIOUS CONDITIONS: Whether you're fishing clear or murky waters, Carolina Rigs excel in various conditions, making them suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing environments
    • IDEAL FOR BOTTOM FISHING: Carolina Rigs are effective since they allow the bait to stay near the bottom while maintaining a natural presentation enticing bites from fish hiding in structures
    • CONVENIENT PACK OF 6: Our Carolina Rig 6-PACK provides you with multiple rigs; Each rig includes a brass worm weight, brass amplifier, and 3 red beads, offering a complete and ready to use setup

    Introducing the Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig/Brass Ready Rig - 6 Pack. Each meticulously assembled for optimal performance and durability. Package includes brass bullet weights, amplifiers, and red plastic beads for a complete setup. Cast with confidence, knowing the weight endures rugged conditions. Amplifier attracts fish with sound and vibration. Red beads create an irresistible presentation. Versatile for bass, walleye, trout, and more, adapting to different depths and structures. Experience premium quality and effectiveness with our ready-to-use rigs.

    No more hassle of searching for individual components or worrying about compatibility – we've got you covered.

    Brass (unpainted)
    Brass (painted black)


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