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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Vibrating Bladed Swim Jigs (2-Pack)

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Vibrating Bladed Swim Jigs (2-Pack)

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Bladed Swim Jig Heads/ 2 Pack /Fishing Jigs for Bass-Trout-Walleye and More/ Creates Chatter Sound/ Vibrating Spinner Bait

  • BLADED SWIM JIG HEADS: Double pack Reaction Tackle swim jigs with vibrating blades for added movement and sound. Attracts various bass, trout, pike, walleye, muskie with lifelike action and chatter
  • FISH-ATTRACTING DESIGN: Beyond bass jigs, our swim jigs, featuring polished surfaces and vivid colors, captivate target species effectively, boosting your catch success
  • BUILT TO LAST: Reaction Tackle's tough jig heads, forged from durable materials, stand up to challenging fishing conditions. Rely on us for enduring, resilient bass fishing jigs
  • PRO-GRADE QUALITY: Rigorous quality checks and extensive refinement guarantee our swim jig heads' fish allure. Pro-level standards at Reaction Tackle. We only offer what we'd personally use
  • ENHANCED SENSITIVITY: Our 97% tungsten swimbait jig heads provide heightened perception over lead. Reaction Tackle enhances your angling feel and bite detection for improved bass fishing
Trusted by Pros
Chosen by devoted anglers, our swimbait heads reign supreme. Boasting stunning diamond polish, resilient paint, and vibrant colours, these bass jigs excel underwater. Feel the impact of Reaction Tackle's swimbait jig heads on every occasion.
More Than Just Bass
Beyond its excellence with largemouth and smallmouth bass, our tungsten swim jig proves equally impressive for diverse fish species. Drawing in trout, walleye, muskie, and pike, Reaction Tackle presents a standout choice for impactful bass and trout jigging.

Additional Info:

Black/ Blue
Dark Pumpkin/ Brown
Okeechobee Craw
Chartreuse Tiger

3/8 oz (3/0 hook)
1/2 oz (4/0 hook)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Bass love them!

Received these this morning, and tried them out tonight at a new spot. Caught 20+ bass before dark. They definitely work! 🤘

Amanda Smith
Excellent quality bait.

Very nicely built bait. Strong hooks with bait keeper. Nice detail on the head. Skirts look excellent. Good to put them to the test this spring.

3 bass in 30 minutes

Really impressed. Got one on my second cast and another 2 within 30 min. Ordering another pack…

Terrance Trent J'rden
Get ready to catch you PB on a PB&J

I've been hunting for that 5 pounder in Wisconsin and this jig is helping me inch closer each cast. I've only been fishing since the start of the pandemic and my previous PB was 4.0, but this spring I've been able to land a 4.2 and a 4.3 largemouth on this jig. I haven't really used my ZMan's because these have been so consistently good. The PB&J color with a Yamamoto green pumpkin twin tail trailer has been my go to. This doesn't just slay bass - I've caught several decent pike and a dogfish.On quality - it has a smaller profile than chatterbait, but I feel like the hookup ratio is better. Hook is sharp and I prefer the baitholder to the chatterbait.Long story short - pay the extra $1 (compared to the standard $5 chatterbait) and go with these. You will not be disappointed.

Amazon Customer
Just great lures at a reasonable price!

I seriously love that I can always get exactly what I want from RT fast and at a great price every time . The quality is always great as well!

Alan Lockwood
Quick sinking vibrating jig!

Having the jig head being made of Tungsten makes these bladed jigs sink quickly and having that change of pace can be just the thing the fish are looking for! Try some pauses in your retrieve, bring the bait over a laydown and let it sink once you've cleared a log... these things can hold up to some fish!