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Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Jigging Spoons (2-Pack)

Reaction Tackle Tungsten Jigging Spoons (2-Pack)

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Reaction Tackle Professional Grade Tungsten Jigging Spoons- 2 Pack- High Density/Eco-Friendly- Deep Water Lure- Perfect for Vertical Jigging- Versatile

  • TUNGSTEN JIGGING SPOONS: Excel in deep water where fish lurk at varying depths. Tungsten jigging spoons sink rapidly due to their dense nature, ensuring precise depth targeting for an effective lure presentation
  • MIMICKING PREY: Crafted to mirror baitfish and other species, jigging spoons reflective properties and a wobbling action replicate the movements of injured prey. This triggers aggressive strikes from fish
  • VERTICAL JIGGING: Tungsten jigging spoons are dropped vertically into the water, imitating wounded prey's movement. This technique lures predatory fish like bass, walleye, and pike
  • ENHANCED SENSITIVITY: Tungsten's density heightens sensitivity. Feel subtle taps and resistance, aiding in bite detection and precise hooksets
  •   VERSATILITY IN PRESENTATION: Vary jigging speed for versatile lure movement. Create flutter, dart, or glide actions to match fish behavior and preferences

Reaction Tackle tungsten jigging spoon's purpose is to serve as an effective fishing lure that imitates the appearance and movement of prey fish or other aquatic creatures. Tungsten jigging spoons are designed to be used in vertical jigging techniques, particularly in deep water scenarios.


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